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Herbert Ospelt founded the family business in 1957, after taking over his parents’ butcher’s shop in Vaduz. Over five decades, the Ospelt Group has transformed itself from a small butcher’s shop to an international group employing around 1,800 people. The Ospelt Group comprises a total of five production sites, in Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Germany.

1957  Herbert Ospelt takes over his father's butcher's shop in Vaduz.
1958 He marries Blanca Hildenbrand, who takes over the running of the butcher’s shop from then on.
1960 They acquire another property in Vaduz and build a production facility.
1967 They set up a further new production facility in Bendern, allowing them to produce meat and sausage products on a larger scale.
1969 Production of wet pet food begins in the former abattoir in Bendern.
1971 The brand «Malbuner» is created and developed.

1981 The sole proprietorship of Herbert Ospelt becomes a joint-stock company. All shares are owned by the family.
1982 Purchase of a distribution warehouse in Sargans. Following a full-scale renovation, the company begins producing pasta products and ready-made meals as well as air-dried "Pizoler Schinken" (ham) under the management of the founder’s daughter Erika.
1987 A new production facility for pet food is built in Bendern. The company begins manufacturing wet and dry feed for cats and dogs (national distribution and export trade).
1989 The existing joint-stock company is converted to become Herbert Ospelt Anstalt.
1990 The company takes over Heuwiese, a fish-curing company in Weite, St. Gallen.
1993 Son Alexander Ospelt becomes Managing Director of the entire Herbert Ospelt Group.
1999 The company takes over the Papalina pizza factory in Apolda, Germany. Expansion of the production facilities to produce deep-frozen pizzas.
2004 Takeover of Panetta Holding, comprising production facilities in Birmensdorf and Geroldswil. Production of sandwiches, baked goods and convenience products begins.
2008 Alexander Ospelt is nominated as Chairman of the Board of Directors.
2012 Opening of the newly built petfood plant in Apolda.