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Our innovative creations have an excellent reputation that reaches far beyond national boundaries. The use of first-class, gentle production methods and state-of-the-art technology, combined with creative ideas, ensures the culinary success of our products and guarantees their quality and taste.

Satisfied customers
Ensuring customer satisfaction is the Ospelt Group's key focus. Our customers are used to having products delivered quickly and reliably. Through online connections, orders can be placed with the head office around the clock. They are automatically passed on to our production facilities, where they are processed within the following few hours.

If they wish, customers can also order our products under their own brand name. For the Ospelt Group, customer proximity also means recognising new customer requirements and responding to dietary trends. This is why we are always involved in the continuous development of new products and improvement of existing products. We are proud of all the international awards we have won for doing so, but we also see it as an obligation to keep ahead of the field in terms of new developments.

First-class quality
The quality of our products is tested continually throughout the entire production process. For each stage in the process we have defined quality standards that must be met before a product is approved for the next stage of processing. The quality assurance process involves not only our own laboratory, but external, independent food-testing laboratories.

The high standards of quality the company has set for itself over many years are in line with internationally recognised standards. Our production facilities are certified in accordance with the following quality standards: ISO 9001:2000, BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Food Standard).

Select raw materials
Top chefs have always maintained that it is only possible to create meals that both tickle the taste buds and awaken people's zest for life if the raw ingredients used are absolutely fresh and of top quality.

The Ospelt Group uses first-class raw ingredients only, because we know that it is only first-class raw ingredients that can be refined to produce the top products that are successful on the market. In the case of meat and fish, we pay particular attention to how the animals are kept and what they are fed on. But even with ingredients such as spices, which are decisive for the balanced taste of a product, we use only highly select qualities.

The companies supplying the Ospelt Group with raw ingredients must be able to fulfil the stringent quality standards required. Rigorous inspection of incoming goods ensures that only the very best and approved goods get as far as the production process.

Careful manufacturing
The innovative strength of the Ospelt Group is not, however, restricted to the development of more and more new culinary treats. The plants used for production also use state-of-the-art technology.

The company’s production facilities are both extremely efficient and flexible. The production lines have to a certain extent been developed within the company and can thus be optimised to match the individual processing steps. The throughput times for individual products are kept to a minimum to ensure that the products are as fresh as possible when they arrive at the point of sale. The careful manufacturing process has been developed in the course of many years of experience and incorporating a high level of technical understanding. The Ospelt Group has built up a wealth of experience spanning decades, and this is what puts it in a position to produce first-class culinary delicacies.