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The company

It is our love of quality that keeps us on the road to success.

Quality and innovation – a recipe for success
More than 50 years ago, Herbert Ospelt laid the foundation of today's Ospelt Group. Even back then, he was spurred on by a vision based on two main thoughts: on the one hand, he wanted to surprise the market again and again with new and innovative creations; and on the other, he was committed to providing goods of exclusively first-class quality. The Ospelt Group has remained true to these principles of its founder to this day. The comprehensive range of products on offer demonstrates the great innovative strength of the company, and the many international awards it has won offer ample proof of its commitment to premium quality.

A modern family business
The Ospelt Group has grown dramatically over the last few years. Nevertheless, it has remained a family business. It acts in accordance with the latest management principles, enjoys short and direct communication channels and is able to respond with great flexibility to arrive at decisions quickly and efficiently.

A successful course of expansion
The company's headquarters are located in the Principality of Liechtenstein, which, as an EEA country, belongs to the European single market. Today the company's factories in Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Germany deliver products to key markets throughout Europe. The Ospelt Group has set itself the goal of expanding its market area and raising its profile as a leading international supplier of first-class foods and high-quality pet food.