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Fish & seafood

The trend towards a lighter diet has made fish and seafood increasingly popular. Progress in cooling technology and the shortening of transport routes have made it possible for us to enjoy freshly caught fish at any time.

Our special plant for fish products, Heuwiese in Weite, is the largest salmon-smoking plant in Switzerland and processes the finest Pacific and Atlantic salmon, select freshwater fish and sea food. Our smoked salmon delicacies made from wild or farmed salmon are dry-salted by hand, smoked over beech wood and then packaged as whole sides or in portions, as fillets or carpaccio, salmon with herbs, or Gravad salmon. Freshwater fish are breaded, whilst sea food is threaded on to skewers for barbecuing or made into delicious salads.

Nature and the environment
When purchasing, we pay careful attention to ensure that nature and our environment are protected. We only buy fish and seafood from suppliers who adhere to the international catch quotas and who ensure there are optimum conditions on their fish farms for rearing fish. Our wild salmon products originate from fisheries that have been independently certified in accordance with the MSC's standard for well-managed and sustainable fisheries. Ospelt food AG has also been admitted as the sixth member of the WWF Seafood Group.