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Fresh meals

Convenience – not just a question of time

Ways of saving time play an increasingly important role in our lives. However, we at the Ospelt Group refuse to reduce our expectations of meals to the speed of preparation alone. 

We attach great importance to the uncompromising quality of the raw ingredients used, the creativity of the recipes, and the varied range of different dishes available. Colourful vegetables, tenderly roasted or fried ingredients and precious spices are what characterise our dishes, whether they consist of good plain cooking, or venture into more exotic realms. They range from simple, traditional Swiss "Spätzli" noodles via salad dressings to whole, ready-to-serve menus. Our top-quality products are sold by food retailers both nationally and internationally, and they are also highly appreciated in the premium catering industry.

Dishes such as our "pork fillet in a morel mushroom sauce on a bed of fine pasta" or "chicken with Basmati rice" are culinary highlights that can be prepared quickly and easily. Our hearty game specialities with Spätzli, red cabbage and caramelised chestnuts are particularly sought after.

With our finely tuned and yet exotically spicy specialities, we like to present ourselves as your competent partners for anything to do with exotic food. Exquisite dim sum and shaomai, but also exotic classics such as mah mee or nasi goreng are part of our repertoire, as well as "prawns with curried rice" and many other dishes.