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Panetta – the holistic solution for innovative convenience

With a great deal of love, care and flexibility with regard to customer requirements, we make various delicious convenience products using premium raw ingredients and the innovative and varied breads baked in our own bakery. Most of the turnover for these products is achieved in the retail trade and through petrol station channels, as well as in the food and catering industry and travel catering services.

The range of products on offer includes ultra-fresh sandwiches for the region, ready-made sandwiches, sliced-bread triangle sandwiches, wraps, various different canapés, party breads and "hot snack" products that can be purchased ready-made and either deep-frozen or refrigerated. By following market developments closely, we are able to take into account the respective requirements of end consumers (e.g. reduced-fat sandwiches/organic products) and trends in packaging (e.g. cardboard packaging) in the range of products we offer and how we present them. As an IFS-certified company (higher level), Panetta SA also proves, by means of annual audits, that it meets all the requirements of retailers in terms of product safety, quality and legislation.

The six-days-a-week and overnight delivery service that Panetta SA offers throughout Switzerland rounds off the wide range of services perfectly. Don’t hesitate – give us a try!